The Binational Condition The Mexico-US Relationship in Mexican History and Culture Latin American Studies

RwandaJanuary 21, 1976Mexico is accredited to Rwanda from its embassy in Nairobi, Kenya and maintains an honorary consulate in Kigali. Mexico is accredited to Mauritius from its embassy in Pretoria, South Africa and maintains an honorary consulate in Port Louis.

  • The Gadsden Purchase, as it becomes known, also resolves an outstanding border dispute between Mexico and the United States, and marks the last adjustment to the border between the two countries.
  • AustraliaMarch 14, 1966See Australia–Mexico relationsDiplomatic relations between Mexico and Australia began on March 14, 1966.
  • Almost a third of all immigrants in the U.S. were born in Mexico, being the source of the greatest number of both authorized (20%) and unauthorized (56%) migrants who come to the U.S. every year.

Palestine1975See Mexico–Palestine relationsMexico has a representative office in Ramallah. KuwaitJuly 23, 1975See Kuwait–Mexico relationsKuwait has an embassy in Mexico City. KazakhstanJanuary 14, 1992See Kazakhstan–Mexico relationsKazakhstan has an embassy in Mexico City.

Secretary Blinken’s Call with Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Moncada

Relations reached their lowest point during the rule of the military government in Argentina, because of the asylum provided by Mexico to Héctor Cámpora and Abal Medina. Nearly at the end of the López Portillo administration in April 1982, Argentina challenged the British government when they invaded the Falkland Islands. Mexico acknowledged the Argentine rights over the islands but condemned the use of force to solve the conflict and supported a resolution of the United Nations Security Council that called for an end of hostilities.

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This MOU supports U.S. and Mexican efforts to exchange knowledge, experiences, assets, and resources to address the root causes of irregular migration in Central America. In December 2021, the United States and Mexico announced Sembrando Oportunidades, a new bilateral framework for development cooperation to address the root causes of migration from Central America.

Other top U.S. exports to Mexico include machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, mineral fuels, and plastics. The stock of foreign direct investment by U.S. companies in Mexico stood at $110.7 billion in 2021 while Mexican stock investment in the United States was over $48.1 billion in 2021, according to the Department of Commerce. In 2021, U.S. goods and services trade with Mexico totaled $725.7 billion, making Mexico our second largest trading partner.

From their rendezvous they could move down a broad valley upon large ranches like Encinillas and El Torreón. Towns and mines as Aldama, Santa Eulalia, San Diego on the Chuvíscar, and Santa Clara and Julimes on the Conchos fell in their path. On the road from Chihuahua City out to Santa Eulalia they waylaid, robbed, kidnapped, and killed many people. Ironically, the rich Santa Eulalia silver mine disgorged metal which had gone to pay professional scalp hunters and to build the splendid cathedral in the capital city, where Indian “pelts” went on display as somber reminders to the enemies of church and state. Multiplied Mexico’s problems, in the generation before her war with the United States, to a degree not generally realized today. They upset her agricultural, commercial, mineral, and ranch life over hundreds of thousands of square miles.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Mexico in October to discuss a new strategy to replace the Merida Initiative, which Mexican officials declare “dead” amid spiking cartel violence and record flows of drugs, especially fentanyl, across the border. Frustrated with AMLO’s increasing reliance on the Mexican military, U.S. officials hope to instead strengthen civilian police forces, invest in public health, and address illegal firearms trafficking.

Meanwhile, in Europe, France was increasingly threatened by a belligerent Prussia and, by 1866, Napoleon III began recalling his troops stationed in Mexico. United resumed their campaign on February 19, 1867, and on May 15, Maximilian surrendered.

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There are over 40,000 alumni of U.S. government-funded or sponsored exchange programs. The International Boundary and Water Commission , created by a treaty between the United States and Mexico, manages a wide variety of water resource and boundary preservation issues. The U.S. and Mexican Sections of the IBWC work closely to distribute treaty-stipulated portions of water from the Rio Grande and Colorado River to both countries. The IBWC also works to mitigate and prevent cross-border flows of untreated wastewater.

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President Richard Nixon declares a global war on drugs, and the United States deploys thousands of agents along the U.S.-Mexico border to execute an aggressive search-and-seizure counternarcotics operation. The action disrupts cross-border trade, and Mexico’s displeasure over not being consulted on the operation leads to a bilateral cooperation agreement between the countries. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration , created in 1973, becomes the primary point of counternarcotics cooperation. However, the 1985 assassination of a DEA agent in Mexico and growing frustration over Mexican authorities’ involvement in the drug trade lead Washington to favor an increasingly unilateral counternarcotics strategy. When the Fourth Republic collapsed in 1958, Mexico was the first country that recognized the Fifth Republic founded by General Charles de Gaulle. In subsequent years, both countries coordinated actions and released a communiqué that supported the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front during the Salvadoran Civil War. Recently, President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a state visit in March 2009, however, controversy over the Florence Cassez case, a Frenchwoman convicted of kidnapping in Mexico sentenced to 60 years in jail, overshadowed the bilateral agenda.

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